[[t]ˈlɛv əl[/t]] adj. n. v. -eled, -el•ing (esp. brit.)-elled, -el•ling.
1) having no part higher than another; having a flat or even surface
2) being in a plane parallel to the plane of the horizon; horizontal
3) equal, as in height, condition, status, or advancement
4) even, equable, or uniform:
to speak in a level voice[/ex]
5) filled to a height even with the rim of a container:
a level teaspoon of salt[/ex]
6) mentally well-balanced; sensible; rational:
to keep a level head in a crisis[/ex]
7) of or pertaining to a particular rank or involving members of such a rank (usu. used in combination):
high-level discussions[/ex]
8) the horizontal line or plane in which anything is situated, with regard to its elevation:
a shelf built at eye level[/ex]
9) a position with respect to a given or specified height:
The water rose to a level of 30 feet[/ex]
10) a position or plane in a graded scale of values:
an average level of skill[/ex]
11) rank or status, as in a hierarchy:
the top levels of government[/ex]
12) stratum or sphere:
levels of meaning; elections on a local level[/ex]
13) cvb an extent, measure, or degree of intensity, concentration, quantity, etc.:
low levels of radiation; to increase levels of production[/ex]
14) a horizontal surface, as a floor in a building or other structure:
the upper level of the bridge[/ex]
15) bui a device, as a spirit level, used for determining or adjusting something to a horizontal surface
16) sur
a) a surveying instrument consisting of a spirit level mounted on a frame with a telescopic sight, used for establishing a horizontal
b) sur an observation made with this instrument
17) sur an imaginary line or surface everywhere at right angles to the plumb line
18) a horizontal position or condition
19) geo cvb a level or flat surface, as an extent of land approximately horizontal and unbroken by irregularities
20) min the interconnected horizontal mine workings at a particular elevation or depth:
the 1500-foot level[/ex]
21) to make (a surface) level, even, or flat; make horizontal
22) to raise or lower to a particular level or position
23) to bring (something) to the level of the ground:
to level trees[/ex]
24) inf Informal. to knock down (a person)
25) to make equal, as in status or condition
26) to make even or uniform, as coloring
27) to aim or point (a weapon, criticism, etc.) at a mark or objective
28) sur to find the relative elevation of different points in (land), as with a surveyor's level
29) to bring things or persons to a common level
30) to aim a weapon, criticism, etc., at a mark or objective
31) to speak truthfully and openly (often fol. by with)
32) sur
a) to take a level in surveying
b) sur to use a leveling instrument
33) aer. level off
a) aer. (of an aircraft) to maintain a constant altitude after a climb or descent
b) to become stable; reach a constant or limit
c) to make even or smooth
Etymology: 1300–50; ME, var. of livel < MF < VL *lībellum, for L lībella plummet line, level, dim. of lībra balance, scales (see castle) lev′el•ly, adv. lev′el•ness, n.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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